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On the Threshold

Dear one,

You are standing on the threshold of a wider world.

You've walked past this door so many times. At first you didn't even notice it. Then the shiny door knob caught your eye, and you began to wonder what what's beyond. Sometimes you rushed by, and sometimes you wandered slowly. There were moments when you reached for the knob, when your fingertips brushed the surface. And now you've opened the door to all that lies ahead. It's time to step through.

When you step through this door, nothing will be the same. It's a one-way ticket. Not because everything has changed, but because you have changed. You've changed one simple action: from walking past this door to opening it. Right now this feels monumental, overwhelming, and yet when you look back you'll see it is simply one more stepping stone on your path.

Remember these three things as you make your way:

- Being kind always matters and is a gift you can share with anyone, including yourself.

- "Fail" is the real f-word and it gets a bad rap. The only way we learn is by not succeeding 100% of the time. It took Thomas Edison 1,000 tries to make a light bulb. Please keep going!

- No one on this planet knows everything. All the people around you are figuring it out along the way, too.

Stay open and curious. Say yes when your soul lights up and no when your Spidey-sense is tingling. Eat something delicious at least once a week and get the whipped cream on top if that's what you want. Look people in the eye when you're interacting and give them the gift of your full attention.

Your roots are strong and deep. It's time to stretch your wings.

You are so deeply loved, always.

xoxo, me

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