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Joy Reset Retreat:

Less Fox, More Space!

Less Fox gives you true freedom.


When: Friday 11/10/2023 - Sunday, 11/12/ 2023

WhereNine Mountain Retreats in Plainfield, MA

Investment: Ranging from $475 - $850 includes lodging, food, yoga, guided presentations, oracle cards, self-paced opportunities, and more!

Do you feel like everybody else has gotten on the bus, and they're all going to their next destination, and you missed your opportunity to get on?

They're all waving at you from the windows, leaving you alone and without a ride.


Please know this: You haven't missed anything.

There's nothing wrong with you; you're not broken.


You need to remember what it feels like to trust yourself.


The Less Fox, More Space Retreat is about:


  • finding clarity within yourself.

  • your clear vision for the life you want to live.

  • learning how to give less Fox.


How many years have you wished that you could find someone who could tell you what to do or give you the solution to what you are facing? Someone who could remind you that you know yourself better than anyone and you just need to stop and listen to her?

Someone who could support you by asking, “What is most important to you?”


Your inner voice is getting louder and louder:

  • How did I mess this up again? 

  • When did I screw it up this time? 

  • Why am I right back here in the same place? 


You haven’t screwed anything up. You just haven’t given yourself the time, space, or opportunity to go any deeper than surface level to take in what you’ve been learning. You haven't made room to take a pause and do something with the ideas and concepts, because you are holding on to old stories. And they’re cluttering up your inner attic, gathering dust and cobwebs. 


Even though you say,” I don’t want to feel those ways anymore,” you cling to them because they are familiar and comfortable.

The Less Fox, More Space Retreat is about:

  • finding your clarity

  • creating a safe container to open yourself up and feel your emotions

  • learning how to give less Fox

  • reconnecting with your body, your container 

  • moving in ways that open you up to what you're genuinely feeling


It may be uncomfortable. And that is okay.

You will be safe, you will be seen, and you will be heard.


We’ll learn to embrace all of these pieces and integrate them with your thinking mind to create a beautiful symphony that is you. You know there is another way to live because we see people doing it, every day.


This retreat is for women like you.

Taking care of ourselves fully allows us to show up for others in all the ways we want to. Self-care is an act of reverence, love, and gratitude. Giving less Fox doesn't mean you don't care; it means you care enough to show up for yourself and choose yourself first. 


We talk about prioritizing yourself, not to be self-ish, but to make you self-full. 


We’ve concentrated this into a weekend to give you as much depth as possible so you feel safe, protected, dearly held, and deeply loved in our work together. This time will open up your inner spaces, making room for the practices to percolate and settle in. You will have a safe container to explore ideas, ask questions, and feel through what comes up.

This weekend includes:

  • Accommodations - more details below

  • Nourishing meals and replenishing snacks starting with Friday dinner and ending with Sunday brunch

  • Four yoga sessions, created exclusively for our time together

  • Guided meditations

  • Clarity presentation

  • Group oracle reading

  • How to create your own oracle card

  • Journaling

  • Creativity

  • New connections 

  • Time for yourself

  • Nature walks

  • Ceremonies

  • Spontaneity

  • Space for all the feels - no toxic positivity here!

  • Opportunities to clear out your mental attic and clutter to make space for whatever is next for you

We've made it through the past few years, more or less intact and still impacted by all that has happened. Some of us have endured significant losses; we have all changed in more ways than one. I want you to remember that you are still you at your core. This retreat is a way to return to your body and your Self, to remember what is most important to you, and to reclaim your unique you-ness that no one else can bring to the table.


Clarity will open the door for you to welcome yourself home.


Let’s reconnect with each other and with ourselves.


When: Friday 11/10/2023 - Sunday, November 12, 2023,

Where:  Nine Mountain Retreats in Plainfield, MA

Investment: Ranging from $475-$850 includes lodging, food, yoga, guided presentations, oracle cards, self-paced opportunities, and more!


We would love to have you join us.

You can learn more about Virginia and Denne here.

To hold your spot, start by completing this form. Within 24 hours, you'll receive a payment link - your registration will be complete once your payment is received. What's most important to me is that you join us. If you need a payment plan, contact me here and let me know - we'll work it out.

Finer details & FAQs 

  • Almost all of the accommodations are shared space, either for a pair - think sisters, cousins, or besties - or for 3-6 people. Invite a friend and bunk together! And if you have a larger group, you can all be in the same room. *If you require a private room, please contact me here and let's talk - note that this accommodation has an upcharge.

  • The retreat cost includes your weekend lodging, all meals and snacks (made fresh for us by the Nine Mountain staff), all yoga, presentations, group activities, and self-paced opportunities. The value of this package comes in at just over $1500 for the weekend. Pricing is as follows:        

  • ~ Private room: $850     

  • ~ Semiprivate, 2 people: $575

  • ~ Basic, 3-6 people: $475

  • Plans include daily yoga with the one and only Denne Ziegler, oracle card readings, self-paced opportunities (think journal prompts, time outside, spontaneous connections, vision boards, and more!), presentations and conversations around finding your clarity, releasing your "fox," and tools to help you process and integrate what you discover.


Food allergies, sensitivities, intolerances?

There is a place on the registration form for you to indicate any specific dietary needs. The Nine Mountain website specifically states, “Our meal plans are designed individually for each group, and we do our best to accommodate all diets and dietary needs including gluten free, raw, etc.” 

 What if I get sick and can’t come? 

We understand life happens. In the event of a true illness or emergency, we will provide a full refund of your registration fee. If something non-emergent prevents you from attending, you will be given 75% credit toward another retreat or offered service. 

Please say more about the yoga class - I’ve never done it before. Our yoga teacher, Denne Ziegler, has over 10 years’ experience in instructing people from beginner to advanced levels of practice. The classes at our retreat are opportunities to move your body and open yourself up to the work being offered over the weekend. 

I’m not flexible. Denne will provide modifications and brief demonstrations of alternate movements as needed.

What if I have physical limitations? It is strongly recommended that you check in with your medical professional (doctor, PT, etc) to identify what will be best for you. We do not give medical advice. Please be sure to practice within your own ability level at all times. 

What if I want a private 10-card oracle card reading from Virginia? As time permits during our weekend, I may be able to offer short personal readings. However, this is a group event with focus on providing the best experience for all attendees. You will also learn how to set up a reading with me in the weeks following the retreat. We’ll make it happen! 

What if I want a private coaching session with Virginia? This is a group event with focus on providing the best experience for all attendees, so private sessions can not be scheduled for the retreat weekend. You will learn how to set up a personal conversation with me in the weeks following the retreat. We’ll make it happen! 

This isn’t for you if:

  • You want the trick and aren’t ready to create the magic. If the idea of creating magic gives you butterflies, you’re in the right place!  

  • You’re a skeptic hoping that someone will try to persuade you so that you can resist. We welcome all personal perspectives and opinions; we require kindness and respect. 

  • Your idea of a relaxing weekend includes day drinking and shopping - zero judgment, this is simply not that environment. 

  • You want to get away and party - again, zero judgment, just not the event for you. Wherever you land, have fun!

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