More about oracle readings...

Though some people find oracle and tarot cards to be magical, they are not magic tricks.

There is no sleight of hand, no stacking the deck to draw a “good” or “bad” card, and the death card does not mean anyone is on their way out.

As an intuitive reader, I use oracle cards to help deepen inner understanding. They are amazing mind flints, often bringing subconscious themes or patterns into conscious awareness.

Here's how it works: during our time together, I'll use a variety of decks to find your customized message and share the input and images that come through to me during your reading. Oracle cards are based on archetypes - characters and symbols that represent aspects of the human experience. We'll use these archetypes to identify recurring patterns or themes that are influencing your current outlook and actions. This is a great starting point for finding clarity and determining your next right action!

Here's what women are saying:

The most important aspect is that I felt that something outside of myself (or even beyond Vee as a reader) was witnessing my transformation and encouraging me. It wasn't like just advice from a friend or therapist, it felt like something bigger was at play... and that the universe was awaiting my genuine arrival or transformation. It was eerie how much the cards represented my current life and concerns. I no longer feel like I wasn't ready for "x" till now... but that maybe the universe was preparing me for "x" and now it's ready for me to receive it....a welcome paradigm shift.

Norah Fredericks

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You may choose a single reading or a package of three. If you buy a package, you can use all three sessions or gift them to friends.

I also offer an annual reading, a map of sorts for your upcoming year.

We can also coordinate an all-inclusive oracle party! These are great for small gatherings and a fresh alternative to the typical "ladies' night!" 


An oracle reading is a unique and intriguing gift for yourself or someone you know who enjoys a bit of the mystical in life!

oracle reading (90 minutes) $125

three session package $300

annual reading (90 minutes) $125


Oracle party pricing starts at $200 for up to five people and is customized to suit your gathering - let me help you create an event your friends will remember!