While tarot cards are an oracle, not all oracles are tarot cards. An oracle can also be a set of runes or symbols carved on stones, coins, tea leaves – at its core, an oracle is simply a tool used to facilitate guidance and enhance one’s intuition.


30 minutes $40


Monthly 30-minute readings, 3-month subscription $100


Annual reading (75 minutes) $125


Please contact me to book a date for your oracle party!

Why Tarot?

Though some people find oracle and tarot cards to be magical, they are not magic tricks. There is no sleight of hand, no stacking the deck to draw a “good” or “bad” card, and the death card does not mean anyone is on their way out.

Oracle cards are a tool to help deepen intuition. They are beautiful and wonderful mind flints, often bringing subconscious themes or thoughts into conscious awareness.


A 30-minute reading will include a spread of cards from at least one deck and interpretation/discussion; additional decks will be used as determined by Flying Vee Life Coaching.


An annual reading includes a 12-card spread, one for each month of the coming year starting with the month in which the reading is done.


An oracle party will include a brief general presentation about the process, along with a spread for each attendee and interpretation/discussion.


Long distance oracle readings are conducted via Zoom video conference and will be recorded for you.


Local readings (within central MA area) will be conducted in person or via Zoom at your request. If in person, you are welcome to take notes or record our discussion.

I Get It.

When I say, "I get it," here's what I mean:

I mean that sustainable, positive change is possible.

I mean that transformation can be effective and long lasting.

I mean that each of us has a story, and I've been where you are.

And now I'm here, ready to hear your story and help you find your way.