So what's an oracle reading anyway..?

It’s not hocus pocus, it’s not mind reading, and it’s not psychic ability.

It’s an opportunity for you to start a deeper conversation with yourself.


An oracle reading is part narrative and part map.

Some aspects of a reading will highlight all the ways that you sparkle and shine.

Others will bring up the stuff you’ve been putting off and shoving away.

Together, we’ll gently uncover some of your desires and dreams.

Together, we’ll gently uncover some of your falsehoods and fears.


The cards themselves are not magic. They’re made of cardboard and ink - no ground unicorn horn or pixie dust in the deck. 

What makes them magical is what you see in them. The images and words will weave a story that I’ll be able to tell you. They will also have a meaning for you that I won’t know, because they’re not for me: they’re for you. I’m here as a guide and interpreter, to get the conversation started. I’ll offer what I see and will also welcome you to share your own insights.

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What can an oracle reading do for you? I’m so glad you asked!

  • Oracle cards can help you remember what’s most important to you: goals, relationships, creativity, core values - whatever ingredients you choose to create your vision of the life you want to live. No more time spent living someone else’s life! 

  • A reading can guide you to see a new angle or get a fresh perspective on something that’s been weighing on you, even subconsciously. After sitting with me for a reading, Jamie said, “The reading I had with you helped me let go of something that I’d been carrying around for a year.” That’s a long time to give up valuable brain and heart space! 

  • The cards can bring you all the information you can take in - remember that you also have free will, and that manifestation is about seeing your goal and taking action. You get to choose what happens as you process your reading, and after you decide where to focus your attention next. 

  • Oracle cards can bring you CLARITY. When you remember what matters most to you, you can almost instantly see your next right step as though it’s lit with a beacon. It is - it’s lit by your own inner flame! 

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Here’s a great next step right now - say yes to your curious heart and schedule your reading!

You can also invest in a reading package!

Four readings a year, once every three months, will guide you through the seasons and help you create changes over time.

Eight readings a year, about every six weeks, will support you in getting more focused and taking consistent actions as the year goes by.

for four readings yearly

for eight readings yearly


What’s a reading like?

A reading is a different experience for everyone. Every now and then, it doesn’t hit; in over a hundred readings, I’ve had four or five people tell me the message wasn’t for them. On the other hand, some people say it’s a life changer. 


How long does it take?

A full reading is 90 minutes. I offer shorter readings periodically at different local venues and events - if you'd like to know where I'm headed next, you can join my email list here.


Will we meet in person?

We sure can, and that has a magic all its own! I also offer virtual readings over Zoom. You choose which suits you - people who live farther away appreciate the Zoom option because it eliminates travel time.


How will I remember everything we talk about?

I’ll make an audio recording of your session. You’ll receive an email with a link to the recording, along with pictures of all the cards, in a folder that you can access any time and as often as you’d like.


What do I need to bring?

An open mind. Anything else - notebook, pen, water, hot bev, snack - is up to you. 


Can I invite my mom/my bestie/my sibling/my partner/my dog/cat?

Animals are always welcome, as are babies and small kids if we’re on Zoom. You are welcome to share the recording and cards with anyone you choose. If you’d like to have a reading with someone else, I offer couples readings and you can schedule that (here.)


I know so many people who would love this! Do you read for groups?

I sure do, and it’s always a fun time! An oracle party is a memorable addition to almost any celebration. Birthday gatherings, girls’ night in, bridal showers, weekend get-togethers around the fire pit - all of these are great settings for an oracle party! Find out more (here - link to page)


How did you learn to read cards?

I’ve found decks that feel meaningful to me and pulled cards from them for myself and friends for almost ten years, and in that time began to offer readings periodically for some of my coaching clients as well. It’s not fortune telling or ESP or anything supernatural (at least, not that I’m aware of 😉). Instead, I tune in to my own intuition and that helps me interpret what I see. The cards hold universal truths that mean something different to each of us based on our own life experiences.