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In a world where you feel invisible and voiceless, I want you to know this:

I see you.            I hear you.           I get you.

  • Are you ready to feel more centered and confident?

  • Are you ready to get clarity so you can chart your own course?

  • Are you ready to commit to yourself in order to create deep and lasting change?

It’s time to Reclaim Your Power!

This group is for you if: 

  • Your life feels like a hamster wheel that never stops spinning.

  • You are your own last priority, even when you know that’s not your best choice.

  • You spend your days in a fog, not sure where to turn next or what to do, unless you’re checking off a box on your endless to-do list. 

  • You can’t put your finger on it, but you know deep down that this isn’t the life you really want to live.




You’re not broken and you’re not doing life wrong.

You’re simply disconnected and you’ve forgotten what it feels like to trust yourself.










Reclaim Your Power is a group program that was made for you - a small and intimate group of women like you who know that true and sustainable change is possible, and who are ready to do the work in order to make it happen. Together, you’ll learn from each other’s life stories, you’ll support each other on your journey, and you’ll celebrate all the shifts and changes you experience!

You know that you are willing to do what it takes to make the changes you truly want - not the changes you “should” want. 

You believe there must be a solution, and you just haven’t found it yet. 


So often we spend our time searching for answers outside of ourselves - the truth is that you’ve been looking high and low, in every corner, and all this time the answer and the power has been inside of you all along.


"My top three AHAs:

Just like Dorothy and her ruby slippers, I had the ability all this time to bring myself home.

Past stories no longer hold power over me - the past, so powerful at one time, is just the past.

I never did fail myself as I had believed - I was already on this path and through this work I found the clarity and voice to move through my issues and feel whole.

I have never felt this empowered in my entire life!"

Maureen G.



When you Reclaim Your Power, you’ll be opened up to reap endless rewards, such as:

  • You will feel a more grounded and centered connection to your own container, your body.

  • You will create a deeper sense of your own identity, not as “just” a (partner, mother, daughter, sibling, colleague - you know all of your own labels) but in moving closer to who you’ve always wanted to be.

  • No more constant mind drama, no more spinning out all day long, no more asking permission - because you will remember what is best for you.

  • You will gain more time and less mind chatter in your crowded day, more space both around you and within you, more energy as you build your reserves and tap into your own inner well of power and wisdom. 

  • You will have confidence in your decision making, knowing what is right for you - gone are the days of polling all your friends.

  • You will start to remember what it feels like to trust yourself again, in your own body, mind, and heart.

  • You’ll stop believing the stories about lack - lack of time, lack of knowledge, lack of options - and will recognize that you always get to choose how you spend your time and energy, you always get to choose your next step.


Reclaim Your Power is a 12-week program that includes group coaching and discussion, a variety of activities, tools, and techniques, and individual sessions with Virginia. While attending live is recommended, session recordings will be available.

For more details, please read the FAQ here.


During our time together, you'll get:

  • weekly group coaching and discussion

  • customized activities tailored to the group and curriculum

  • tools to help you apply what you've learned

  • techniques to support you as you practice each week

  • three individual coaching sessions with Virginia

  • and so much more!



Reclaiming your power means forging your next steps, developing a clear vision of what matters most for you and charting a path that will bring you closer to your favorite self, who you’ve always wanted to be.

Together with me and an amazing group of like hearted women, you can say no thanks to everything that drains you and HECK YES to what powers you up! 

The sooner you join, the sooner you can start on the path home to you.


Image by Vonecia Carswell
Image by Hannah Busing

Frequently Asked Questions

How many people are in the group?

In order to create a level of connection and intimacy within your group, the most we'll have is eight women.

What are my payment options?

You have the flexibility to pay in full or to make a partial payment prior to the start date. There are no additional fees if you opt for the partial payment. If you'd like to discuss your options in person, I'd love to talk with you more about this! 

How often does the group meet? What if I can't make the meeting?

We meet weekly on a consistent day and time. If you know that you'll have a conflict with a scheduled meeting, let Virginia know. The weekly sessions will be recorded and available to the group, however to get the most out of your experience, we strongly encourage you to attend in person. Also, in the interest of confidentiality we ask that you do not share the recording with anyone who's not a member.

Do you include men?

Not at this time. 

What does a group session look like? Is it like a lecture? Is it like a discussion group?

Each group session will last for an hour and may go a little longer, never more than an additional fifteen minutes. There is a structure for each session, and there is also room for discussion and interaction. There will be "homework" at the end of each session, because the work only works when you work it. ;)

What does group coaching look like? Do you put people on the spot? What if they get emotional?

In the group session, coaching will look like a discussion. Virginia will facilitate and lead, based on the topic of the session. You do not have to volunteer for coaching, and you can also learn a lot from observing another group member being coached - usually, everyone in the group has similar questions regardless of their specific circumstances and experiences. If the discussion brings up strong emotions in anyone, Virginia will lead the group in offering support and holding space. 


About your coach:

Virginia L'Bassi is on a compassionately relentless mission to help women reconnect with their own inner wisdom so that they can live a life that lets them thrive! She is a certified life coach who believes that our power is reflected through every choice we make. Drawing on a variety of approaches, from neuroscience and psychology theories to crystals and oracle readings, she meets clients where they are and guides them as they learn to get vulnerable, forgive, and surrender to their truest self. Virginia offers individual coaching, group coaching, retreats, intuitive readings, and customized workshops in Massachusetts and virtually. She believes that each of us has all the answers within, and with the aid of authentic connection, we can learn to live more joyfully and resiliently.

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