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Hold onto your butt - the Blue Full Flower Moon is in Scorpio!

This is the Blue Full Flower Moon, the full moon of May. This full moon in Scorpio is one of the most powerful for cleansing and transformation, as Scorpio is the zodiac sign relating to spiritual death and rebirth. The Chinese call this the Dragon Moon, and it can be truly and mightily magical! This particular full moon is also a seasonal blue moon, significant as an amplifier of celestial energy.

Scorpio’s intensity invites us to dig deep. This is a time to peel back the layers and embrace your true self, without judgment or rejection of any part of you. Scorpio helps us to see into the hidden depths, right down to the bones. There is no room for the superficial or false when the full moon is in this house of the zodiac. Scorpio is most often associated with Pluto, god of the underworld and also of wealth. Scorpio’s energy can be dark and mysterious, however when we crack that shell it’s possible to reap the limitless riches of our deepest inner worlds. How? By healing in the Plutonian sense: facing our demons, walking through the dark and fear, and embracing the experience as an opportunity to get real and honest with ourselves. This full moon invites you to purge the excess baggage that you’re carrying and to release everything that keeps you off balance, all that no longer serves you.

There are also some other planets in play during this full Flower moon:

· Neptune, the planet of imagination and higher callings, encourages us to dissolve what’s holding back our truth so we can be open to miracles

· Jupiter, the planet of expansion and knowledge, encourages us to reconnect with our own innate knowing by relearning to trust our bodies and intuition, being resourceful for ourselves and others, and seeking what is wholesome and purifying for body, mind, and spirit

· Saturn, provider of meaning and structure, asks us to renew our faith in the path we’re traveling

· Pluto, the great revealer, calls on us to release the buried power that lies in our inner truth

So this is interesting information, but how does it all work together? How can we use the energy of this full moon to move ourselves forward on life’s path?

We must die to the past, let go of our old stories and the roles we’ve played for so long. We must die to our fears so that we can transcend them, move past them and embrace the limitless power that each of us holds at our very core.

Dying to the past is about recognizing the roles we play in daily life so that we can shed them and reclaim our own truth. Whether these are archetypal (personas or subpersonalities) – the wise woman, the magician, the innocent, the rebel, and so on – or a more dynamic characteristic – fixer, martyr, victim, favorite, or any role you’ve been assigned by your family – the key is being able to see these for what they are: labels that help other people identify us in relation to themselves. Not one of these labels defines you as you truly are. Yet when you’ve been told who you are – aka who others think you are supposed to be, it becomes easy to lose sight of yourself, to forget your truth.

Dying to our fears is about being vulnerably honest with ourselves. We fear what we can’t (or won’t) see, what we don’t understand. It’s not that darkness is scary, it’s that our minds conjure up all kinds of monsters to fill the darkness – they’re not real, they’re only campfire ghost stories. When you shine your bright inner light in the darkness within, you may find stuff you don’t like – uncomfortable, unpleasant – but none of it can hurt you unless you let it. You get to choose whether to hold onto pain and suffering by rehashing the past and worrying about the future, or to put away the old stories and look to the future with curiosity and openness. You always get to choose.

This Scorpio moon invites you to dive deep and remember that you have all you need. You were born with an inner knowing, an intuition, that has never left you. When you can really see the labels and the roles you’ve taken on, and when you remember that they do not define you, you begin to peel them away simply by acknowledging this.

When you can be vulnerably honest with yourself, you can begin to recognize that we all have light and darkness within us; this is called being human. And these are not two separate entities inside us – they are two sides of the same coin. Before we can be truly seen by others, we must be able to see ourselves in the light of our truth. Your brilliant, unwavering light is being reflected by this full Scorpio moon, showing you the absolute glory of your deepest feminine power. Dying to the past, dying to your fears, will allow you to step into this power and begin to reclaim it. You only have to answer the question: are you willing to die to yourself and surrender?

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