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Awakening again

Do you recognize it? Sense it? Feel it?

The tingle. The whisper. The pull.

You're being invited to awaken, to open to a deeper knowing.

Will you?

Last April I wrote a blog about awakening, too. Seems this is a yearly occurrence. :) I recognize the upbeat enthusiasm, the lightness and positive energy of that time. This most recent awakening feels different. A lot of digging was done. The energy is more grounded. There were some deep dives inward. There was amazing expansion. Neither is right or wrong, simply two different experiences. Two different doors, you might say.

You always get to choose. You get to choose which door to open. It's up to you whether you open any of them or stay on your current way. What matters most is your willingness. If you are willing to be open and curious, then whatever you learn as you awaken to yourself will be everything you need for this time in your life. And then, when you've integrated some or most of this learning, you'll feel it again. It will feel different every time - stay open and curious, and remember that this is a beginning. Every growth cycle starts with awakening.

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