If you’re looking for a coach who promises to have the answer to your joy, I’m not her. Instead, I believe it’s my job to hear you and then help you hear you.

I believe . . .

You have all the answers within.

No matter how many books, podcasts, or seminars claim to have the answers, you are the best expert on you. Authentic human connection and the right approach can help you recognize the changes you need to make in mindset and practice to live a fuller, more satisfying life.

Joy isn’t a destination—it’s a way of living.

Joyful living is a practice, not an end goal. It is living with an awareness of the good and a full appreciation for even the simplest pleasures. While moments of joy are to be treasured, one of the biggest benefits of joy is that it can sustain us during the inevitable low points we all experience in our lives.

True transformation requires deep work.

By working through the pillars of vulnerability, forgiveness, and surrender, you can begin to reexamine the beliefs you hold about yourself, lighten your emotional load, and relearn how to listen to and trust your inner voice.

Here's what women are saying:

Many things had come to a head in my life. I was looking for someone to help me sort my thoughts and all that was culminating in this period of my life. I learned a whole lot of everything in my work with Virginia - it was an evolution, and the more I grew, the more I learned. Most importantly, I learned that I was not going insane, I learned to trust my own inner knowing, and I learned to fully accept myself! 

Vee is a loving gift, guiding and sharing her insights with those that find their way to her. 

~ Christina Grant