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When you choose to work with me, I promise to meet you where you are, walk beside you as you journey within, and celebrate with you when you emerge a more authentic and more whole version of yourself.

 How can we work together?

insight sessions

This is a one-time session that allows you to uncover some of your subconscious patterns and the stories that are holding you back. Through an intuitive reading and interactive discussion, we'll work together to find where you're stuck and ready to move forward in various aspects of life. A safe, protected space will be created so we can examine what arises for you.

The Joy Reset retreat

This women's weekend retreat is an opportunity for you to rest, rejuvenate, and reconnect with yourself while you open to new perspectives, new practices, and new possibilities! The Joy Reset is a chance for women to gather in a safe space, to experience their own and each other's innate wisdom and power, and to feel truly seen and heard.  

women's circle

This working group is a chance to learn more about yourself as you also hear the experiences and reflections of other women. You'll find connection, insight, and a deeper understanding of yourself through a variety of discussions, interactions, and exercises designed to help you dig in and begin to uncover your own truth. 

mentorship and coaching

If you are ready to reconnect with yourself so that you can make real, lasting changes and live more fully and more freely, then we have work to do.


While each woman’s journey looks different, the destination is the same—deep within. It would be my privilege to support you as you learn to celebrate life’s joys and weather its storms with the peace that comes from trusting your inner wisdom.


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