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Vision Boards

People talk about long range visions, which are essential for charting a course and planning your next move in both work and life. Yet how often have you had THE BIG IDEA and found yourself dancing around the edges, unsure of what to do next or how you're going to get from here-and-now to your amazing future? 


A vision board is a great way to get past the internal chatter and swirl of your mind and tap into your inner creativity.

Schedule a discovery call with me to find out more.


When you sign up for a vision board workshop with Flying Vee Life Coaching, you’re going to get so much more than “just a collage!”


About a week prior to your workshop date, I’ll send you some questions to prime your mental pump and start your ideas flowing.


At the workshop, we’ll start the day with three simple questions to bring you clarity.


Then you’ll be given plenty of time to create and share your board, as well as opportunities to connect with other participants.


When we’ve wrapped up the day, you’ll take home your amazing new tool (aka your vision board), some new peeps in your circle, and a fresh batch of insight and perspective to help you take action that moves you closer to your vision!


I Get It.

When I say, "I get it," here's what I mean:

I mean that sustainable, positive change is possible.

I mean that transformation can be effective and long lasting.

I mean that each of us has a story, and I've been where you are.

And now I'm here, ready to hear your story and help you find your way.

All workshops offered by Flying Vee Life Coaching are available for sign-up on a first come, first served basis. Once capacity is reached, your name will be placed on a waiting list in the order received and you may be contacted if a seat opens. Alternatively, you will be given priority for attending the next one-day workshop offered by Flying Vee Life Coaching.

If you would like to schedule a team building/corporate workshop or a vision board party, please contact me for scheduling and pricing information.

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