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Group Coaching


When you can give yourself space to cut through the mental static and chatter, there is a voice inside you that knows who you truly are. This is the voice of your intuition, your own inner wisdom. And your intuition never lies to you – it is the voice of your soul.

Group coaching provides the opportunity for you to connect with others who can relate to your story, and whose experiences will help you gain fresh perspective in your own life. These programs offer a foundational structure for creating change in your life, with tools and techniques you can use now and in the future. And more importantly, the tools and techniques in these programs will help you quiet the mental chatter so you can start to hear yourself again.


Sacred Writing is a six week group program designed to help you interrogate your own stories and rekindle your inner flame.

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Peeling Back The Layers

You’ve told yourself all the stories about who you think you should be. Who others expect you to be. Who you believe you are NOT. You’ve heard these stories for so long that you believe them, even when they’re no longer true.

So how do you begin to unravel these and dig deeper to find your truth? With love, compassion, and support for who you always wanted to be and for who you know you truly are.

The Sacred Writing program is designed specifically to help you start peeling back some of your layers as you seek your truth. It’s a way to tune in to yourself, to listen to your intuition and hear your own inner voices from a place of open curiosity rather than of resistance and fear.

Sacred writing can help you begin to break patterns, to release feelings like fear and guilt, and to heal some of your deepest wounds. It can help you find what truly inspires you, what sets your soul on fire. Sacred writing can help you identify your path and understand what the next right thing is for you to do.


How long have you been hearing voices? Not the voices of others, but the voices in your own head that belong to your ego.

The voices in your head are helpful at times, as when they’re prompting you to remember your to-do list, reminding you of directions, or helping you come up with the name of the person you recognize but can’t quite recall. Yet other voices in your head are discouraging, dismissive, and downright mean. These are the voices that whisper lies of lack, scarcity, and unworthiness.

Sacred writing will help you get past the lies of your ego and tap into your intuition, the voice of your soul. In this context, the term "sacred" connotes a reverence and respect for your own inner wisdom. This is a tool for peeling back some of the layers you've placed over your heart through the years. It's a way to tune into your Self.

Sacred writing can help you identify and begin to break patterns, to release emotions such as fear and guilt, and to heal old wounds. It can help you remember who you truly are.

Here’s what you get in the six week Sacred Writing program:

  • Week 1: Who Are You? - our roles as women, mental noise vs inner voice, your body keeps the score

  • Week 2: What’s Your Move? - recognizing patterns, checking the tools in your self-care box

  • Week 3: Who Do You Think You Are? - writer’s voice, your inner critic, handling conflict

  • Week 4: What Have You Learned? - life lessons, grace and compassion

  • Week 5: What Should Be vs What Is? - your inner judge and jury, standing at the doorway of your next chapter

  • Week 6: What Stops You? – examining and dismantling your fears


I Get It.

When I say, "I get it," here's what I mean:

I mean that sustainable, positive change is possible.

I mean that transformation can be effective and long lasting.

I mean that each of us has a story, and I've been where you are.

And now I'm here, ready to hear your story and help you find your way.

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