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Group Coaching


When you can give yourself space to cut through the mental static and chatter, there is a voice inside you that knows who you truly are. This is the voice of your intuition, your own inner wisdom. And your intuition never lies to you – it is the voice of your soul.

Group coaching provides the opportunity for you to connect with others who can relate to your story, and whose experiences will help you gain fresh perspective in your own life. These programs offer a foundational structure for creating change in your life, with tools and techniques you can use now and in the future. And more importantly, the tools and techniques in these programs will help you quiet the mental chatter so you can start to hear yourself again.


Flight School is an eight week group program that will offer you clarity, perspective, tools, and techniques as you rebuild your inner foundation and get ready to launch yourself into a new chapter of your life.

Schedule a discovery call with me to find out more.

What if I fall? Darling, what if you fly?

Have you ever dreamed you could fly? Soaring over tree tops, feeling the wind in your face as you spread your wings. Then you wake up with the smell of fresh air still on your skin, and you think, "if only..." 

So what's keeping you grounded?

When life feels like a weight around your neck and chains around your ankles, the answer seems obvious and flight sounds like a wonderful escape. The idea of disappearing is highly appealing when you feel like you're stuck and nothing is changing. 


And yet, where will you go? How will you get there? What will you need? 

Flight School.


Here's what you'll get in the eight week Flight School group program:

  • week 1: Planning Your Trip - recognizing the "three A's" of awakening, awareness, and action; understanding what your next chapter might or might not look like and your options for moving forward 

  • week 2: Flight Plan - choosing your "destination," aka using clarity to determine what you really want next 

  • week 3: Preflight Checklist - your own resources and support systems, covering a wide variety of topics from good nutrition and hydration to self care and support

  • week 4: Taxi and Takeoff - breaking the cycle of processing > overanalyzing and getting out of your own way

  • week 5: Reaching Cruising Altitude -  the initial effort of breaking inertia, dealing with doubts and second guessing yourself

  • week 6: Maintain Course and Speed - balancing excitement and novelty with the reality of digging in and executing your plan

  • week 7: Prepare for Landing - persistence and understanding the cycle of creating shifts and changes

  • week 8: Touchdown - the importance of realizing your achievements, maintaining your tools

Flight School is set to launch on Sunday, February 10th. Eight Sunday coffee talks. Eight seats. 

Now is the time - your time to fly.


I Get It.

When I say, "I get it," here's what I mean:

I mean that sustainable, positive change is possible.

I mean that transformation can be effective and long lasting.

I mean that each of us has a story, and I've been where you are.

And now I'm here, ready to hear your story and help you find your way.

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