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Seeking support and asking for help are two of the bravest actions you can take toward creating true and sustainable change in your life. Whether you’re just starting on this part of your journey or you’ve been on a path that is no longer clear, you’ve come to the right place. Flying Vee workshops are intimate gatherings which can open your mind to the possibilities all around you. Flying Vee coaching programs and individual mentorship give you the space to take a deeper dive into who you truly are as we work together to forge your clear path forward.


Oracle card readings are a useful tool to uncover insights your conscious mind hasn’t yet recognized.


More than “just a collage,” a vision board will help you focus on your goals and see the opportunities right in front of you!


These programs will offer you clarity and perspective as you strengthen your inner foundation.


A personalized intensive that gives you space and support to dig deep and create powerful and lasting change in your outlook and your life.

No matter where you start with Flying Vee Life Coaching, you’ll soon discover that this work is YOURS – tailored to offer you the tools you need and the support you seek so that you can move forward from a place of power and joy!

To find upcoming vision board workshops, click here. Oracle readings and vision board workshops can also be scheduled for your group as a team builder or social occasion – how fabulous would it be to offer your friends an oracle gathering or a vision board party?? I’ll help you plan your event, suggest setup ideas, and keep everyone in the loop.

When you’re looking for group coaching programs and 1:1 mentorship offerings, the first step is a brief discovery call. This is a chance for us to get to know each other a bit, providing more information to help you decide whether this is the next right step for you. Contact me here and let’s talk!

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